New York Uses Data to Transform Healthcare Delivery

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In 2014, New York began to implement Medicaid’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, a federally funded initiative that promotes community-level collaborations and focuses on system reforms. The state not only needed data, but also the ability to glean valuable patient insights from that data to help pinpoint risks and inform care decisions to meet the goal of reducing avoidable hospital visits by 25 percent over 5 years. Utilizing Oracle technologies, CMA worked with the state to build an intelligence platform to extract additional granularity from the data that resides in their industrial strength data warehouse. It can now group together individual patient characteristics, test results, current conditions and other factors based on a variety of queries. The platform also supports executive dashboards, standard reporting, guided query and data mining capabilities for DSRIP metrics, which are used by administrators, payers and care providers. Download this paper to learn more.