The Post-COVID Public Sector

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COVID-19 compounded existing challenges for governments, colleges and universities, and teaching hospitals. These organizations were already struggling to meet rising expectations with aging infra-structure and more complex IT. With the pandemic came new hurdles, like telework and a massive surge in online services. At Red Hat, we were inspired to see organizations across the U.S. innovate to serve their citizens and overcome pandemic obstacles in creative ways — despite constrained budgets and furloughed workers.

Discover 5 ways to come back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic with automation and hybrid cloud infrastructure.  

  • Do more with less, with automation.
  • Enable a remote workforce with automation.
  • Modernize aging infrastructure with hybrid cloud.
  • Process data where it is generated — at the network’s edge.
  • Accelerate the journey to the cloud and edge computing with Red Hat technologies and services.